Today the fake marriage between Stephanie and Mario took place. It nearly didn't when arguments arose between the two but they finally went through with it. Everyone got dressed up for the occasion, making sure they looked good. During the ceremony when the housemates were asked if anyone knew of any lawful impediments against the marriage, Alexandra stood up and said;

"I think we all know how I feel, I contest. I feel this is a sham. It's been given to us in a task format. I don't this it is a strong enough bond. It's a sham."

In reply to this Big Brother claimed that it wasn't a lawful impediment so went ahead with the fake wedding. Just after the wedding, Big Brother announced that there was a secret couple living in the house and that housemates had one minute to come to a decision about who the two were. They chose Lisa and Mario which was correct, this means that Lisa, Luke, Mario and Stephanie will all be up for eviction this week. What do you think about the fake wedding?
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